Body Cameras

Real Access Body Cameras are being developed to provide secure real time protection for police, paramedics and emergency services.

These cameras will be in constant WiFi contact with a secure Real Access Hub positioned (for the most part) in the relevant officer’s vehicle. The hub will be recording and transmitting audio, video and location in real time to the relevant control room. Should WiFi contact be lost, mobile 4G could take over.

If assistance is required the controller will be alerted enabling the controller to direct other personnel to assist.

Real Access body camera product

IMAGINE: Saving Lives with Body Cameras...

Before Real Access Body Cameras

  • Currently body cameras record events for later use in the Courts

Using Real Access Body Cameras

  • Should a paramedic (or attending Police or Emergency Service officer) request specialist medical advice, his video stream can be directed to any available specialist. The patient can then be monitored in real time from First respondent to Paramedic to AirRescue to Hospital – The patient is effectively being triaged (and treatment recorded) from first respondent to the Operating theatre in complete security.

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