Collaboration platform

The Real Access Collaboration platform is a unique product that allows for real-time, and seamless interaction with data which is available locally or extracted from the field. It enables multiple contributors, regardless of their location, to work together collectively and efficiently in complete security.

  • Can be used with a wide range of touch/stylus hardware and operating systems
  • Can be used with rejuvenated existing hardware (such as existing interactive whiteboards)
  • Can Seamlessly “flick” content from one device to another across multiple locations
  • Has an intuitive touch and gesture interface giving immediate and flexible access to content
  • Has bundled applications available for business, education and entertainment
  • Shares your content, including images, documents and videos, seamlessly
  • Allows users to annotate and mark-up changes and share them at the flick of a wrist
Real Access Product Collaboration platform

Real Access has been developed for enabling improved engagement and collaboration in connected meeting rooms and sales environments. Real Access can also develop fully customised solutions for clients, specialised software applications for particular industries and uses.

The platform enhances collaboration through seamless sharing and manipulation of documents and data. This leads to increased effectiveness of decision-making and data interpretation within groups.

IMAGINE: Multiple agencies are planning a secure operation...

Before Real Access

  • All planners meet face-to-face to plan operation.
  • Resultant plan to then be approved by Governing authority.
  • Upon approval, operational plans to be prepared, distributed and briefed.

Using Real Access

  • Planners can be in multiple locations with Governing authority overseeing and then approving the operation.
  • Upon approval, operational plans are distributed securely in part or whole, depending on each participant’s duties.
  • Upon execution of the plan, controllers know exactly what is happening in real time.

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