Testing & Reporting hubs

Module systems designed to be placed in remote areas, including terrestrial and aquatic environments, for short or extended periods as a data capture and/or relay points. Self-contained communications modules have their own remote network, are secure and some are solar-powered.

Real Access Product Field Hub

There are four products in the range capable of covering most scenarios:

RAD44 Remote Central Data & Communication HubReal Access Field HubReal Access Water BeetleReal Access Brolga

Each of the four main products in the range can also be broken into several categories depending on the solution required. They are designed to be simple to operate, reliable, secure, and easily and endlessly scalable.

All products are deigned to provide a continuous data feed to any authorised locations anywhere in the world, without the need for on-site intervention.

RAD44 Remote Central Data & Communication Hub

The RAD44 is a portable network and communications “hub”. It was developed to meet the demands of research and infrastructure control in the most remote areas.

The 44 Imperial Gallon (55 US Gallon) drum was chosen, as it is a universal unit of transportation and is not only designed to keep liquid in, but also to keep it out. Housed inside the drum, is a cartridge that provides a full network capability by incorporating a rugged military grade PC, running Windows 7 “professional”, 4Tb of raided NAS storage, hardware VPN routing and external weather proof interfaces including an IP67 rated 15in touchscreen. The RAD44 also has its own onboard lithium battery power and solar regulators and comes with 416 watts of heavy duty flexible amorphous solar panels and pole system which then forms a protective roof for the system. Everything fits inside the drum for transport and can be setup easily anywhere, by anyone.

(Note: Windows 7 provides adequate computing power without the electrical power demand of later versions of Windows)

Once deployed the RAD44 can use any internet source from its own built in 3/4g modem to satellite, Wi-Fi or hard line. VPN connections will be able to be established to any other parts of “your network” and authorised people can be granted VPN access “in” from any computer or mobile device anywhere in the world.

The RAD44 also has the ability to transfer any data captured in the field and to be worked on “on-site”, or at selected locations, as well as, directly and securely transferred into a central storage access point. The RAD44 can also provide its own 300m Wi-Fi access point.

Real Access Rad 44 Data Comms Hub

IMAGINE: Providing communication to very remote places…

Before Real Access Rad 44

  • Provide extremely expensive 4G towers in the Amazon jungle

Using Real Access Rad 44

  • A Rad44 is dropped into a remote location in the Amazon jungle. The drum is unsealed, the solar panel lean to withdrawn and erected. The lid, with the screen now featured, is refastened.
  • The RAD44 can now communicate with the world via satellite and villagers have their first ever artificial lighting.

Real Access Field Hubs

Real Access field hubs are a miniature hub system designed to be placed into remote areas for short or extended periods as a data capture and/or relay point. The field hubs do not have their own screen interface but they do incorporate 2Tb of raided NAS storage. They therefore have the capability of being their own remote network, by either passing captured data directly back to the main network or collecting and storing the data passively to be accessed as required.

Real Access Field hubs are also able to be miniaturised for vehicle mounting, creating mobile extensions of the network.

Real Access Field Hub Specification

Polyethylene case 500 x 450 x 310 containing;

Aluminium cartridge housing: 125amp/hr lithium battery, 4Tb NAS storage and data access device, Solar power regulation, built in secure VPN hardware and routing, built in cellular modem, waterproof camera connection, external Ethernet ports, built in WiFi, built in power over Ethernet injection for powering cameras and 8 x 30m lengths of cat6 Ethernet cable with ip67 rated hub connectors.

Hub comes complete with 416 watts of Amorphous heavy-duty solar power generation to allow it to be self- powered, meaning no generator is necessary and no need to store or transport fuel.

Real Access remote field hubs

IMAGINE: Remote monitoring for wildlife or poachers …

Before Real Access Field Hubs

  • Live in a “hide” for weeks (and hope poachers don’t see you)

Using Real Access Field Hubs

  • A Real Access Field Hub can be camouflaged and its motion activated cameras deployed. (The batteries can function for a week without solar charging). Do you want to monitor the inside of a Puma’s den – monitor the activities of poachers?
  • All activity recorded and downloaded (real time via WiFi or satellite) or as a Ranger passes within range at a later time.

Real Access Water Beetle & Brolga

The Real Access Water Beetle

A floating, self-righting, sealed housing for both salt or fresh water environments. They can be tethered or left to float freely.

The Water Beetle can measure pH, Salinity, Oxygenation, conductivity, Oxidation Reduction Potential, temperature and these can be cross referenced to its location on the earth’s surface location. GPS can also be used to map ocean currents for example. In development for this unit are Mercury, Faecal coliform and microplastic sensing.

Multi sensor packs can be incorporated into each unit allowing (for example) readings from the surface, 10m, 20m and 30m depth which can give a far better overall picture of the environment being monitored.

Powered by an internal lithium battery, the units come equipped with a solar panel, built in to the top of the unit. This onboard power generation allows the units to be left onsite indefinitely. Real Access designed circuitry controls power usage to ensure reliable operation.

With the ability to use Wifi for easy network connection, the units also have an inbuilt Iridium satellite modem, with external satellite antenna, which allows the Water Beetle to be used anywhere in the world as long as it can “see” the sky. This means a lack of infrastructure is no impediment to operation.

Real Access water beetle

IMAGINE: Monitoring the world’s oceans

Before Real Access Water Beetle

  • Send out a Research Vessel for 30 days at a time (at great expense) or have extremely limited access to information on the shoreline

Using Real Access Water Beetle

  • Drop a Real Access Water Beetle in the middle of the Pacific and receive continuous, accurate, secure real-time data to authorised researchers, meteorologists etc. Better still drop 100 Real Access Water Beetles in the world’s oceans.

Real Access Brolga

The Brolga shares the features of the Water Beetle but is designed in a static location housing, with multi adjustable legs. These units are designed to be placed in rivers, lakes, swamps etc and fixed in place. The Housing is capable of expansion and evolution of components.

As well as measuring the same qualities as the Water Beetle they also record water level, turbidity and current flow and water depth.

IMAGINE: Monitoring Estuarine pollution

Before Real Access Brolga

  • Visit test bores and monitor

Using Real Access Brolga

  • Mount a Real Access Brolga in position and have continuous accurate secure real time data.
Real Access water brolga

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